Interactive Pirate Excursion

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Riders 3 and up
Riders 2 and under

Climb aboard for an interactive family adventure on the Black Pearl!

Climb aboard the Black Pearl pirate boat for an hour-long interactive family adventure in Marco Island, FL! Show up 30 minutes prior to sailing and watch your children transform into little buccaneers as they get their tattoos and pirate’s attire.

As you board the Black Pearl and head out to sea for your interactive pirate cruise, your children learn how to talk, sing, dance, and play games like a true buccaneer of the high seas.

Once under way, we search for Pirate Pete who has stolen the keys to the treasure chest. When Pirate Pete is sighted, Captain Salty and his new crew battle against Pirate Pete. Your children fire the 12 high-power water cannons at the pirates. Pete being the scalawag that he is will fire back at us, so prepare to get wet and have fun! Once Pete surrenders the keys we raise the victory flag on our pirate ship and celebrate by drinking grog and opening the treasure chest so all our buccaneers can share the treasure.